LeBazar brings together in one place small delicious pieces of the whole world.

We have carefully selected healthy dishes, aromatic products, various drinks, all ready to fill your table with joy. We have also gathered secrets from the world’s kitchen, and we brought them to LeBazar in order to be shared with those who are passionate about the good and healthy taste of food! 

Discover in Le Bazar the products that will take you to different corners of the world, enjoy the flavor of unexpected ingredients and be surprised by their quality. Because we like what we put on the table and we are constantly looking for new quality products, we thought of turning this passion into a bazaar of tastes, where you too can fall in love with the world’s aromas.  

Mission, Values & Experience

We believe in a healthy world, where food enriches not only the body but also the spirit.


We want to contribute positively to the well-being of every person who enjoys our products by offering them healthy and quality options. Technological progress allows us to support this approach and therefore we will choose the options that add value to the finished product, preserving its essence, freshness, nutritional value and quality. 


We are innovative, optimistic and determined to dedicate ourselves passionately to delicious and healthy products. We care about the opinion of our clients and that is why we will always be open to listen, to learn and to become better and better. 


Many years of experience in the HoReCa and logistics industry have determined us to start the LeBazar story and take a step closer to consumers and to offer them the best of all the options available on the market. Basically, we bring into the people’s homes products that they would find in famous restaurants, flavors that only certain distributors have access to, quality products meant to make each person’s life easier, more delicious, and healthier!

Our Products

In LeBazar you will always find a variety of products from different countries, with different flavors and different uses. The only thing that remains constant for all products is their quality. The producers we support and the selection we make when we decide for a product to be represented in LeBazar are extremely important. We are proud of the fact that each product is first analyzed and tested by the LeBazar family, and that is why we are pleased to offer you what we have on our own table at home.

In LeBazar cu you can discover products that come from internationally renowned manufacturers, from top brands in terms of quality or consumer preferences. At the same time, here you can find LeBazar’s own products, developed after following an extensive process that gave us the opportunity to obtain the exact product that we aim for.  

LeBazar products differentiate themselves in terms of quality and technology. The options on the market are diverse, but an informed consumer who has tried LeBazar products will know how to make a difference.